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Post by Serenity on Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:25 pm

Animal Friends and companions often have their own magic and healing energy to form a friendship between another person. Animals can communicate but not by the usual ways of communication like talking universally but more on the level of communication that IS heard by vibrational healing, guiding energy and intuitive messages of love and friendship.

It has to be said all is interconnected by energy, therefore every consciousness is connected universally, be it through the feeling of love and hope, happiness and good qualities that make up life as it stands today.

Animal Friends that are totems and guides are not limited to pets but also a variety of living and also passed animal totems that have existed in the universe today, whether in our reality or the ancient past. Animals can connect through love and often on a vibrational wavelength, pick up emotions of other people, when they are tense, or otherwise, a healer.

Totems mean different things ranging from display of wisdom to exchange of mystical knowledge and meaning(s). Through their healing and guiding energy, lessons can be learned through careful exchange of interpretation and knowledge from when working with these beautiful beings. Even the animal totems that do not connect that have gone home in passing over the rainbow bridge are still surrounded by Mother Earth's loving energies that ensure they are well looked after by spirit and the spirit world.

Animals, whether totems or not, will step forwards to bring knowledge that is easy to interpret through your intuition. Friends which are animal are symbolic to regular wisdom that is discerned through empathy and learning with them, treating them with utmost respect.

Animals who have been reunited with loved ones in spirit and animal totems who are living. Passed spirit animals are guides that have come forwards to help you with various purposes of your life, they can mean different things each time they visit and can come forward to help you enhance your abilities as well as hold different of meanings for each purpose. Some people also believe on a different plane of existence, fantastical consciousnesses like dragons, unicorns, pegasus energy do also indeed exist but overlap and fuse, filter into this plane of existence, when needed, again through the universal vibration of love.

Living totems can also connect through love and through empathy with animals to provide messages and symbolic meanings that do influence our lives in a positive way. Apart from that, they are our friends and supported beings in their own right and very much messengers as well as totems.

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